Succession / Probate / Estate Law

Succession / Probate / Estate Law is unique in Louisiana, based on French Napoleonic law.  Although the terminology may seem intimidating, Louisiana estate and succession law are actually quite simple and straight-forward.  For complex successions, begin your legal consultation with a review of your family tree to analyze the legal implications in the case of complicated or extensive family connections, especially where families include half-siblings, step-children, multiple deaths, or distant relatives.  For a consultation regarding your family estate plan or succession rights in Louisiana, please call 985-649-1881.

Flat Fee Family Estate Plan

Flat Fee Family Estate Plan includes:  Last Will & Testament, Tutorship provisions if needed, Powers of Attorney, and Declaration of Living Will.

Special Needs Trusts maximize resources available to a disabled beneficiary, providing for supplemental needs not provided by governmental assistance programs without jeopardizing legibility or qualifications.

Pet Trusts and Other Protections for Orphaned Animals

  • Many pets outlive their owners, suddenly becoming homeless
  • Insure that your pet will be cared for after you’re gone
  • Designate your pet’s caretaker and allocate enough financial support for your pet’s comfort, care, and medical needs
  • Set up temporary arrangements in case of your unexpected injury, illness, or other inability to care for your pet

Living Trusts can help you maintain privacy, protect investments, provide financial security, avoid probate, and manage assets, if you are concerned about government benefits, estate tax, credit protection, or safe-guarding assets for future generations.

Gun Trust

A Gun Trust blends federal gun law and Louisiana estate law, including provisions necessary to comply with the national Firearms Act regarding who can own, possess, and transfer Class 3 weapons, and addressing your personal needs and Louisiana’s unique Trust Code.  This exciting new option for managing your firearms collection protects your interests, provides privacy and advantages for all of your weapons, and grants liberties that aren’t available in individual ownership of Class 3 firearms.

Among the many benefits, a Gun Trust:

  • Maintains your privacy by keeping beneficiary names off lists of local gun owners
  • Keeps your collection out of parish probate records without the need for public notice or annual filing
  • Enables sharing possession and ownership of weapons with your trusted family and friends

Louisiana Successions and Probate

Louisiana Successions and Probate can be simple and inexpensive.
Intestate Succession is the procedure for passing an estate to the heirs where there is no Last Will.

Testate Succession is the process of probating a will and passing the estate on in the manner designated in the Last Will.

Independent Administration saves time and money by eliminating publication and unnecessary court delays.

Forced Heirship is a concept in Louisiana law that protects certain young or handicapped descendants from being completely disinherited.

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