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Adoption Options

Open Adoptions

You have the opportunity to review profiles of couples anxiously waiting for their chance to build a family.  You can choose to meet the adoptive parents who will adopt your baby and arrange to receive pictures and letters updating you with information about your child’s milestones through life.

Closed Adoptions

If you prefer complete confidentiality and anonymity, then you can get through the legal process without the adopting parents ever discovering your identity.  The Louisiana Voluntary Adoption Registry allows you to re-connect with your child after age 18, if you and your child both register to be re-united.

What About the Father

Ideally, the biological father will sign a surrender or consent to adopt, which he can do before birth.  But if he is known, unsupportive, or uninvolved, we can still proceed with your adoption plan.  In Louisiana, in most circumstances, we can serve him with notice of your intentions; if he doesn’t file a timely objection, then his rights can be terminated before the baby is even born.  If he cannot be found, then the court can appoint a curator-ad-hoc to search for him; then we can terminate his rights in due course.

Choose Who Will Adopt Your Baby

You have the opportunity to review profiles of couples anxiously awaiting their chance to build a family.  As you search through the parent profiles you’ll see pictures of happy couples anxious to adopt.  Many of these people are unable to have children themselves; and their only hope is to adopt a child like yours.  As you peruse the parent profiles, choose based on what’s important to you.  Do you want your baby growing up on a farm or in the city?  With pets or siblings?  Attending private school, or church on Sundays?  Review several profiles to see whose lifestyle and background fits your dreams for your baby’s future.

Choose Who Will Adopt Your Baby

For additional help with a crisis pregnancy in St. Tammany Parish, you can reach the Crisis Pregnancy Center at (985) 643-4357.

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